Monday, January 30, 2017

10 days...

Well hello everybody. I guess today I feel like I dont have a lot to say. We are working hard here in Usulutan and everything is pretty normal... except for the fact that I am going to be home in 10 days. i guess this is the second to last time i will be writing home in an email and I have very mixed feelings. I do not want to stop being a missionary. This has become my life and I cant even imagone what it would be like to not do what we do every day. I am nervous and excited. Sad and Happy. i think its one of those things you cant really describe and cant understand until you are right in the middle of it. 
This week was good. We were able to bring a lot of people to Church and a lot of new people came and seemed to like it. There are a lot of people progressing here and it makes me really happy to see the work going forward and seeing all the people that the Lord is preparing to hear the gospel. I have spent a lot of time thanking the Lord for the blessing i have had to be a part of this Gospel. There is not a greater gift that He could have given me and I feel so grateful and indebted to Him. I know this Church is true I cant find any doubt in my heart that its true.  It has been such a blessing in my life and know it will keep blessing my life and the life of family for eternities.
This week we are just going to keep working.. Yeah it gets a little baggy because everyone starts talking about how you are going home and a lot of people invite you to come eat dinner to celebrate (no complaints there) but I also plan to work hard until the very end. Thanks for all the support and talk to you guys next monday for the last time!!! 

Elder Nelson

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