Monday, December 12, 2016

Happy Day

 Helllloooo everyone i just want all you guys to know that you are awesome. okay. Glad everyone is enjoying their december and getting ready for Christmas.  I cant belive that it is going to be in less than two weeks.... time flies... especially since these weeks are going to be pretty busy and I dont think we are going to feel the time. This week was really good.  We found a family that is supppperrr positive and two of them are going to get baptized on Christmas!!! *sings im dreaming of a white christmas in his head* this family is one the coolest families ever and when we taught them the first lesson about Jospeh Smith it ended with them testifying to us that he was a true prophet and they had found the trrue church. its one of the greatest feelings in the world to see people willing to accept the restored Gospel and really is what brings joy. They were willing to drop all their bad habits at the moment we taught them so that they can get baptized. They have helped my own testimony grow. Also this week we went out with the ward to decorate the houses of some less active and inv houses and then after the primary kids went and sang to them. I love Christmas time. It seemed to have worked because we had about 10 inv in church and a bunch of less actives that came. We stayed pretty busy this week taking a couple long bus rides to get out to Chalate which made me super tired but the time has flown by. Also we got to see the Christmas devotional because they replayed it.  We brought a whole family with us that is preparing to get baptized in January  This week we have a lot more activites as a ward and then the week after we have our mission christmas activities. Becasue im totally not baggy and my mom asked i will say that my Christmas call will be on the 25 in the night/afternoon depending on how everything goes. Well thanks to everyone for the support hope you guys enjoy this Chirstmas season!!!

Elder Nelson

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