Monday, December 19, 2016

Happy Early Christmas!

Well I guess I can say Merry Christmas because its officially Christmas week. i cant believe it is almost already here, its going by so fast this month. Sounds like back home people are buckling down with the weather and various people are a little sick. Hope everyone feels better by this Christmas! We Cant have sick people on the video call that's just not allowed!! Because you asked mom the call will probably be around 5 or 6 but I cant guarantee anything. Ill be able to give you a 15 minutes warning or something and we will have one hour to talk. From sad experience, I know that my words leave me in the moment of the call so be prepared in case i have nothing to say... yeah its the forth time around you guys know the drill. Also I opened up the Christmas package thanks a lot Mom! I love the ties and I already have a list of people i want to give them to. And the decorations are already put up around the house. This week should be awesome and its going to fly by. Tomorrow we have interchanges because we are going to have three baptism this week (!!!!!!) and thursday we have our mission Christmas activity. Saturday we already have 4 families and I'm sure there will be much more that are going to invite us to eat so we are preparing ourselves mentally for all the panes con pollo that they are they are going to give us. Yuuummmmmm most wonderful time of the year. ANnnnndddd Sunday we will be in the Church all day with the video chats because our zone is huge and we have to be there the whole time so that will be fun... 

So anyways this week was pretty good. The flores Family is going to get baptized and they are super awesome. They are going to do it on the 24th in the morning and they are super excited, already preparing themselves to go the temple. Also we have been teaching this guy named Adonai. He is the bishops uncle and knew thew church 30 years ago but never stepped foot in the church building. Anyways something changed in him and the Lord has prepared him. He hasn't missed church for almost 8 weeks. We just couldn't quite get him to commit to baptism. This Sunday he came up to me and told us he wanted to get baptized on Thursday and had made his decision, he wanted to surprise his family for Christmas. I almost cried. The people here in El Salvador are the greatest, hands down. Also we had a cool experience, we were eating dinner last night and it was 8.30 or so and the name of a sister that has cancer and has had it for a long time kept popping in my head. I wasn't sure if it was the spirit or not but told my companion and we decided to drop by on the way home. When we knocked on the door it was all dark, and quickly the husband of her quietly wanted to shew us away. supposedly the day before they discovered  the cancer had come back and came back hard and they hit her with another round of Chemotherapy, she hadn't moved for almost a day. She heard our voices and with strength she didn't have she shouted "I need a blessing, God sent them here, God answers prayers". She sat up and came out and with all the strength she had she sat up to receive the blessing, and after wards collapsed because she had no strength in her. We silently slipped out and let her rest. I felt the Spirit very strongly and knew that God had led us there and was happy we had been obedient. This Christmas I hope we all can all think of the people that are sick and afflicted that don't have, that need. I feel and have felt more the Christmas spirit now than I have in any other time of my life. I want everyone to feel it too. Thanks for all the love and support! Merry Christmas! Talk to you guys this Sunday!!

Elder Nelson

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  1. Merry Christmas week Elder Nelson! THank you for sharing your feelings about Adonai, that is very special. And the great experience giving a blessing to the sister in need. You are in tune with the Spirit! We're so happy for you and the great work you are doing in El Salvador. Best to you!