Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy Birthday to me?

Hello everyone. First off I wanted to thank EVERYONE for the birthday wishes. You guys are all awesome and thanks for remembering that i am not an old guy.... Not to sure how I feel about that still. Its been quite the week and i guess i can start from the beginning. Well first of all working this has been a really good. We could find a lot of really good people. Me and my companion have really focused on being better teachers and we have seen the spirit bless us greatly in the efforts to do so. The spirit brings true joy. If you have not had the opportunity to feel that for a while or ever, i invite you to look for the Spirit so that you can feel of true joy. What better time than this Christmas. So we have been working pretty hard and this week we had consejo de lideres, which i think it will be the last one. It was super cool, and super weird because Melissa, Presidents Daughter, came home from her mission. She was left about the time i finished my training and i cant believe she already finished the mission and is back home... wow time flies. But the meeting was super good and we learned a lot from Pte Vasquez, he is such an inspired man. Sunday we got 6 inv to come to the Christmas devotional only to find out that the signal in the church didn't work and it got canceled so i never got to see it. That was kind of a bummer but at least they had time to interact with members and so all was not lost. Annnnndddddd today is my birthday. Its been pretty good haha some people in the zone bought a cake and piñata so we had some interesting times with that this morning. These upcoming weeks we have a lot planned to do with the Ward.  We are going to go the house of less active families and sing songs and then decorate the houses with Christmas stuff we made. It should be pretty cool and im excited. Well that is all I got right now but ill try to send some pictures.  thanks for all the love and the support. And thanks family for the videos!!!  Love seeing you guys and miss you guys a bunch!!! 

Elder Nelson

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