Monday, November 28, 2016

Earthquake, Fame, Papusas

Hello everyone!!!  WHat a crazy week.... ugh I cant believe the time is flying by so fast.. First off, wow Christmas lights back home. You are bringing out the feels mom. I can't believe Christmas is already coming and to be completely honest Thanksgiving for me came and left and I hardely felt it. hahah but it is probably better that way. Sounds like it was a blast and i was shocked to see the pictures of so many kids running around the house.  I cant believe how big everyone is and i cant believe how young my parents look.... (earning brownie points out here in El Salvador). Well this week was interesting. First off... there was an earthquake. I was eating lunch and everything just started moving and it was a weird sensation. It was decent sized but nothing was really damaged... but it was weird for me because there are never earthquakes in Arizona. Also IM FAMOUS AGAIN!!!! Although i havent acutally seen it, apparently my picture is in the Liahona for December 2016!!! its in the local pages here which go to all the neighboring countries here. so that is cool.  I'll be sure to snag a copy this week to keep my fame forever. Ya boy has made it big. Hahaha but yeah anyways this week was good but kind of weird. We were on diviones the entireeee weeeeekkkkk.  I only spent one day with my actual companion. Its good just really tiring because since my compnaion still doesnt know the area I had to stay in apopa and lead it all for a week.  Kind of rough.  But it was good. I was able to work with Elder Brimley and Elder Eve and they are both awesome missionaries that are new in the mission but are already some of the best. Also we had interviews this week with President! It was good but since the zone is so big we were there alllll dayyyyyyyy on Tuesday. We focused a lot on how we are going to teach the message of the Restoration and I think we are heading in a good direction. Definitely a spiritual experience. Alssoooooo mother I got your Christmas package!!! I haven't opened it yet but since i already had the unopened birthday package I opened it up a week early. Thanks!!!!!  Definitely hit it spot on with the candy.... I dont know how you are always so spot on with things.... It must be a special gift. Anyways love you all and thanks for all the support this holiday season. Finishing strong!!!!

Elder Nelson


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  1. I'm glad you are safe from the earthquake. We're grateful you are finishing strong! THinking of you with your birthday this coming week. Today is "Happy Be Kind to Elder Nelson" week! So hopefully all those El Salvadorians are kind to you!