Monday, November 7, 2016

What a week

Hello fam. First off.... Election. Prayers going out for America right now hope that whatever happens is for the best. I feel like America is going to be way diferent by the time I get home. Oh well, I guess nothing lasts for ever. I am sure I will hear what happens here because pretty much everyone in the world hears when there is big news in the states. Hey i got two packages! One happened to be my birthday package.... (I havent opened it yet!) and another from Tyler and Anneke! Thanks guys you're the best! So anyways this week was quite the crazy one, one that just gets you thinking... ill try my best to explain even though somethings just cant be written out in an email. 
We had an activity in the cemeteries on the 2nd for Dia de los difuntos. We took pictures of families and we offer to go to their house to drop them off. We have found a lot of really positive people. Also, I have the flu. So that's fun. 

So anyways last Monday in the night we went to go visit a 9 year old girl that is part of a huge less active family that we have been Visiting. Her name is Keiri Reyes. She was what i surely believe to be a little angel here on Earth. She was going to get baptized a little ways back and is super smart, absorbed everything we taught her. Her baptism got delayed a bit because her Mom kept taking her to the beach on Sundays so we wanted her to have a more consistent church attendance. Anyways so on Monday when we went and visited her she was sick, and was going to go to the hospital the next day to get some tests done. She asked for a priesthood blessing and we gave it to her... blessing her that everything would go well and she would be cured from her illness. The next day we got a call from her Grandpa saying that she had a lot of built up liquids in her head and it was pushing against her brain and needed to have an operation. We kept her in our prayers. The next day we called and heard the bad news that her operation had gone wrong and her brain died out. Keiri died on Wednesday. Its hard to explain exactly what we felt as we watched this wonderful family go though the grieving process that they are going through. I was asked to share some words in the viewing and I felt way out of my league. Sometimes it is ridiculous to see the trust people put in us in things so personal to them. We gave many priesthood blessings that night and saw many miracles, but it was a night I don't think I will ever forget. Here, death isn't something uncommon, actually way more common than what I would like to admit, and I felt as though I was getting immune to hearing of it. Like it didn't affect me. But some times it hits harder than others. I guess I am happy for the gospel knowledge we have of the Plan of Salvation. Knowing where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going is some of the most important knowledge and peaceful feelings one can have in this life. Sometimes you just have to sit back and think, why does all this happen? Yesterday we went to see the Reyes Family and obviously it was hard. But her grandma told me that she, and I, had received spiritual confirmation that Keiri was in a peaceful place, and everything was going to be all right. She said a couple nights before she went to the operation  she found Keiri reading the book of Mormon on the couch. She asked why Keiri was reading and she answered because the Elderes told me to read this part. She also said that she learned in Primary that she had to read the book of mormon to have a pass into heaven. I dont think I have felt a greater feeling after wards. Thanks for all the prayers and support you have given me up to this point, I just ask that you remember the great people of El Salvador in your prayers as well. They are a very blessed people.  

Elder Nelson

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