Monday, November 14, 2016

Another change and Trump

Well. Trump won. Ill refrain from my political comments even though i have many. The people here are less than enthusiastic about him winning and its actually pretty funny and eye opening to me to see the influence that America has in the whole world. Always Proud to be an American. Well anyways in the El Salvador life we just finished another change.... and ..... I am going to be staying here. My companion has changes. I was pretty shocked but its not too bad because I like this area and ill be in the Navidad here, for my long term followers (aka. mom) this will mean that i spend my two Christmases here in Apopa..... and half of my mission. I feel a little tired of being Zone leader but It should be fine im excited to keep working and the time is passing by fast... (shout out to getting my plane ticket already). So anyways this week was pretty good. We have a super cool family, Familia Chicas that we contacted a while back and its crazy to see their progress. they were super catholic and had a high position there but have gotten their answer and are just waiting for some legal situations to get baptized. Probably some of my favorite inv. and super positive. Other than dodging a bunch of trump haters here it was a pretty normal week. We had a lot of success from our activity we did last week and contacted a lot of the people that took photos and its cool to see how the Lord prepares people. We had a couple intercambios and I spent a lot of time traveling. The good thing is that I already got over the flu that I had and feel a lot better. I have the goal to lose 7 pounds before I go home so i have been trying to avoid the Pupusas but hey its kind of hard... they are soo good. The mission life is good, its hard but really rewarding. I feel and see so many blessings in my life and the lives of the people around me that it almost makes me not want to come home because I don't want the blessings to stop. I am super excited to see who my new companion is and to get working here in Apopa and hope for the best next companion. I have the goal to complete the "12 week" training program in these last twelve weeks so I can stay focused in the work here. Hope everyone is good back home! love you guys thanks for the support and emails!!!! God Bless America.

Elder Nelson

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  1. Great pictures! And great job having a postive attitude! we're all so proud of you and pray for you!