Monday, October 10, 2016


hellllooooo  everyone!!!!!!!!!! Well i don't remember if i told you guys last week or not but i am going to be here another change as ZL. I think i already said that. Anyways this week was crazy busy but at the same time seemed a little slow. We didn't have a whole lot of time to work, we were opening up two new areas in the zone and spent 2 days getting there houses ready and doing their contracts and getting are their stuff in. Then on Friday we had a leadership conference. It was AWESOME PRESIDENTE VASQUES IS THE BEST MISSION PRESIDENT IN THE WORLD NOBODY CAN CONTEND WITH THAT. But really he blew our mind with what he taught us, I really enjoy every chance we have to be with him. Bad news of the week is our baptism that we had for this week got moved to the end of the month, but good news is we should have 4 more baptism this month if everything goes off well. Also Elder Oaks is coming to El Salvador!!!! He is coming on the 23rd and the whole country is going to a giant stadium to watch him. Everyone except us... sad. But our President challenged us to bring 50 investigators in every ward to this event so we are working super hard with the ward to invite everybody! It should be pretty epic- Other than that nothing other than zone maintenance was done this week. Also I got robbed this week in a bus. That was fun- (sorry mom for pulling a Tyler on you) (at least it wasn't the first time)(or the second time) (or the 5th time). Anyways I have a goal to lose 10 pounds before i go home, too many pupusas. So i have trying to eat better here which is basically impossible. but anyways It seems like everyone at home is good. love you all! Congrats Jessie and Kevin for being awesome and running a lot. I'll sign up with you guys next year hahah and Tyler and Anneke i will definitely learn how to make pupùsas so you guys can try them! Cant wait to meet the family members i dont yet! Yes they are old now. yes i have been here for a long time. Love you guys!!!!

Elder Nelson

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