Monday, October 3, 2016

Hello Fam and Friends!

Well hello everybody. As I started this email I just recieved a call from President with the changes and I was just informed that I will be staying in Apopa as Zone Leader another change with Elder Guzman!!! I am actually excited. I really like this area and I am ready to work with everything I've got! This week was AWESOME I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE IF YOU DID NOT SEE ALL THE SESSIONS GO WATCH THEM PEOPLE THERE IS A REAL LIFE PROPHET AND APOSTLES THAT JUST TALKED TO THE WHOLE WORLD DONT MISS IT. Okay but really how cool is that? I loved all of them. Especially Saturday morning.  I thought it was really good. I received strong impressions to make my prayers better and I have seen huge blessings already. We need to pray, not just say prayers. There is a difference. Also Like Aunt Lori just wrote me and said, I loved the talk about having joy. Its really true, in any circumstance we can have joy. Even on bad days and bad weeks and bad years we can have joy. Also the part where Bednar said we have to not only believe IN Christ but BELIEVE CHRIST. Believe that his promised blessing apply to me and to my situation no matter what is happening. Also Elder Rasband, I feel a lot of respect and sense of duty when I look at my tag and see "Nelson". I always want to honor that name my father gave to me and remember the great Nelsons that have gotten me to this point. Those were just some of my highlights. i also liked how various people talked about how members are essencial to sharing the gospel, and not just missionaries can work by themselves. 

Anyways other than that this week was normal. We spent a lot of time traveling and i spent a lot of time in Chaltenango this week which is really far away and eats up a lot of time so really we didnt get to work as much as we wanted to this week. We do have an awesome family in our ward that just got activated and took a whole other family to two different sessions of conference, so that was pretty awesome.  Also a family that I love more than anything but are SUPER catholic came to General Conference and they are warming up a lot to the gospel. I definitely think they can be future baptisms, even though its a process. Anyways im ready to work and give it my all in these last three changes I have! Thanks for all the support!

Elder Nelson

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