Monday, October 17, 2016

Hello Fam

Hello everyone. May be a short one this week because well i cant really remember anything that happened this week. oh well.. Sounds like Dads birthday trip was fun! Fishing all weekend, that's a good kind of birthday right there. And yes i do remember when we went camping there at Apache! i remember the Gila Monster more than anything hahahah a good old welcome to Arizona. miss that ole desert. Anyways here in Apopa things are chugging along. Apopa is basically my second home since i have been here almost half my mission hahah but its all good i actually do like it here and I love my area and the members and the people i teach. We have a baptism this week of Josue Valladares, he was an old investigator that me and Elder Markham dropped but we decided to go back about a month ago and he was way more prepared. That should all go down on Saturday. Other than that we just worked. we actually had a pretty good week and got a lot done, and found out new and better ways to work with the members here so we are pretty excited to see the outcome of it. i really do love these people here in El Salvador, yes there is a lot of problems but this has made a lot of really good people out of it. its going to be really sad to have to leave them one day because they have treated me so well here. We have a multi Zona tomorrow so that should be interesting. The work always goes on but we have kind of dropped down a little this month as a mission so we have to go look for the revelation to see what the Lord whats us to do with His mission to be able to keep progressing. A lot of families have been coming to church. we have an average or 10 or 11 every sunday so i cant complain. I cant believe the time is flying by and I am trying to make the most of it. Thanks for all the support and love you all!
Elder Nelson

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