Monday, October 24, 2016

Hello everyone. Well this week was alright. I guess every week has there ups and downs right?  Well we had a multi zone this week that was alright. We basically just put a bunch of goals to try and find people. We also had the baptism of Josue! That was pretty cool. He is a pretty solid guy and i feel like he will do good in the church. I actually found him back when I was with Elder Markham and after dropping him for a time we found that the Lord had been preparing him and he hasn't missed Church since. And well the coolest thing that happened i guess is that we saw Elder Oaks. Yeah we got permission to go there and it was pretty awesome. We went to the national gym here and there were 16 thousand people in attendance, Elder Oaks said that it was the largest group he had spoken to outside of the united states. So that was pretty cool. He said the President Monson had sent him there specifically because of all the problems that the member face here in this country. He said that the people here were blessed for the problems they were facing and also said that we need the Gospel of Jesus Christ here in El Salvador more than any other place in the world. He gave a really good talk and also the people that came with him were good.

Well other than that we keep working. We are kind of having troubles finding people here in our area and we are really trying to work harder with the members and also doing as much as we can with our own effort. But its hard. I love the people here a lot and love to be with them. It was cool to be able to see some of the people I knew from before earlier in the mission and see that they are doing good. I know this church is true and that what we are doing out here is a good thing and we are being blessed as we serve others. Love you guys thanks for everything!!

Elder Nelson

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