Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

Hey fam. Happy week. I cant believe we are already blowing through September. I am trying to remember what happened this week but it is all honestly kind of a blur so I will try my best to pick out some of the highlights. Jose got baptized! It was really cool to see, he is an older gentleman and live by himself and has nobody, but seems so happy to have a family here in the church, He has come for almost two months now to church and never misses even though he has a lot of body problems and it is hard for him to walk. It was a really cool service and we were able to get some good support from the ward to come and congratulate him. ill send some pictures of the baptism. also this week we had an activity for the 15th of September! Thats independence day for central america,.... we went to the central park her in apopa and took photos of people holding a flag of the country andthen we go print it out and drop it off at there house and share the gospel at the same time, its actually really effective. Actually last night we found a super awesome family of a lady that was baptized as a kid in Soyapango but lost contact with the church in her teens. Now she has a family of five and the first ting she told said to us when we dropped off the photo was, "Elderes! Youre here! I want to be sealed to my family. come and meet them!" yeah, thats a positive family. So that was fun. I spent a couple of days in Chalatenango as well which is  a pretty cool place up in the mountains. Pretty far though. This week we are hopefully going to have two more baptisms, but they are having some problems so we must postpone it until after general conference. Well thats about all i got right now, today we are going to go to see some waterfalls that are close by. So, hopefully that is cool. Hope everything is going great back home and thanks for all the support!!!!

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