Monday, September 12, 2016

Baptisms, Hard Work and pictures!

Hello peoples. S/O to the parents for always finding cool and fun things to do within the Great State of AZ. Haha hope you guys had a good time sounds like everything went over pretty good too. And happy Birthday Lexi! I cant belive you are already 6 years old! Ugh im feeling old now. Im just glad im the favorite Uncle. (Sorry not sorry Tyler).Anyways soooo this week had its up and downs. Last monday we went and climbed a mountian and flew kites and that was pretty fun. You got to be creative in this country okay. I was thinking of Grandpa Sheldon as I failed miserable trying to fly the kite and give him a lot more credit, its harder that it looks. And this week was another crazy traveling week. I went back and worked a day in my old area Villa Mariona, love that place. I got to see a lot of the old members there and felt very welcome there. I was always sad that I didn't have too much success there but when I went there I realized that three of the people that I found and taught had gotten baptized since the time I left, so thats always good to see. Also Emily got baptized!!! She is so awesome and has such a strong testimony for being young. She gave me a big hug afterwards and was so happy she could finally be baptized and well there is just nothing better in the world than that to be honest. Also Moises got baptized and although I really didnt get the chance to teach him a whole lot he asked me to baptize him and I was honored to do it. So that was a prety good Saturday. Also this week Josue is going to get baptized. He was unsure about it for a while but this week we went to his house and the first thing he asked was if I could lend him white clothes so he could baptized. I guess he got his answer. We are super happy for them and for all the people that we have had the the chance to teach. Time is flying by and im starting to feel the pressure to work as hard as I can in this time so short that we have. So thats what ill keep doing. Love all you guys and thanks for all the support!!!!

Elder Nelson

In the mountains of Quezaltepepque.  About 35 minutes from Apopa. 

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  1. oh man! Tears! THose pictures are absolutely heavenly. You look so happy and clean -- doing the Lord's work! I'm so proud of you Elder Nelson!