Monday, August 1, 2016

Another week!

Hey everyone!!! Sounds like everyone is killing it out there in the Oregon coast! Lucky you guys.... I live so close to some pretty awesome beaches but unfortunately we cant go... oh well. Hope everyone is enjoying it pretty well. This week has flown by and I really can't remember what happened... its all just kind of a blur now. But pretty much Tuesday and Wednesday we were on divisions and I was in chalatanango. Its super far away but part of our zone, basically almost leaving the country. but it was pretty good. Just everything is like straight up both ways! My legs were killing me. Other than that we were just working here. We had a bunch of people in church this week.  The members really helped us out and we ended up having about 15 investigators in church. We are teaching a couple really big full families which are always the best to teach. One of the families, family Sanchez, is progressing a lot and we hope to get them baptized this next month but we just got to get them to keep coming to church. Other than that it was kinda of a really tiring week but it was good. i feel like we worked really hard but we know there is still a lot to do. 

Also on Saturday my companion had a eye Doctor appointment so i took the opportunity to go get this weird thing on my arm checked out. Turns out they wanted to cut off. lolololol not joking though I have a whole in my arm right now. but don't freak out mom its not that bad I just had to wear this bandage thing for a week and then it should be fine. but anyways at least i got that taken care of. Other than that there is nothing else. But I really have started to feel a big change as I have started sharing my testimony. I have tried really hard to never leave a lesson with out leaving my testimony especially about my savior. Sometimes we get caught up talking about Joseph Smith of the Book of Mormon and all that stuff that is really good but i have come to realize that my first priority is to testify of Jesus Christ. I have felt a much bigger influence of the spirit in the lessons and in my whole life as I have put that into play. nobody should ever leave a situation where that have a chance to share the gospel and not bear their testimony of Christ. This is His church.

Anyways hope everyone has a good week and thanks for all the support and prayers. Talk to you guys later!!

Elder Nelson

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