Monday, August 8, 2016

Time goes by so fast!

I KNOW I SAY THIS EVERY WEEK BUT WOW I CANT BELIEVE ANOTHER WEEK HAS GONE BY ALREADY. Its like yeah a lot of things happen but i don't even know what to say anymore???? Things are just so normal to me now. Oh well. Congrats to Big Trevor with the mission call to Peru!!! That's crazy!!! Welcome to the Spanish club! You'll do great. Also loved seeing the pictures of the beach. And i cant believe Lexi is already in Kindergarten!! She looks so big and grown up especially in the pictures and video that I got! Cant wait to see all you guys!!! (6 months left from today.... but im not counting) Haha Its going to fly by so fast. Anyways this week was really good.... and really busy. We have been doing a lot of divisions so it has flown by because our zone is really big so we have to travel a lot. Also we had a baptism this week! Belinda got baptized. She is super awesome and has been going to church by herself for a year because her parents aren't members. They finally let her get baptized and her mom came to the baptism so that was super cool. Also we had a bunch of new people in church today. We had two huge new families that came. The family Sanchez and Soliz. Between them there was 11 new investigators in church. They are super awesome and loved church, so our goal this week is to put down a firm date for their baptisms. Also this week we had our temple trip that we always do taking investigators. It was pretty fun, and SURPRISE I got picked to be Joseph Smith in the reenactments that we do. Dang it blond hair blue eyes... hahah no but it was really fun. But really tiring. We haven't been getting a lot of sleep this week so we are both super exhausted and we have been working super hard. Today we are actually going to San Salvador because my baggy companion is going to buy souvenirs because he is almost going home!! So yeah that was pretty much our week. I know this church is true and so thankful that i have the chance to serve my Savior. Im thankful for all the blessing that i have received as I have been able to participate in this Gospel and to see the blessings that have come into other people lives. Love you guys.  Thanks for everything!!!!

Elder Nelson

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