Monday, July 25, 2016


Hello everyone! This week was really good here in Apopa. I actually really like Apopa and these weeks here have been flying by. My compnaion just got his plane ticket but hes not baggy yet so we are good.  But he is super cool and we have a lot in common. Also we had a baptism this week! Fernando got baptized and it was super cool. His brother who got baptized not too long ago baptized him.  After he shared his testimony about how he was someone super mad all the time and never talked to his brother but how the gospel and church has changed his life. Now he has a relationship with his family and wants his mom to get baptized. His mom went to church this week and is progressing a ton so thats super cool. That family is awesome. This week flew by because we had a ton of meetings.  For example, this sunday we had a meeting at 6 in the morning so we had to get up super early and we were super tired and I was trying to not fall asleep all church hahah but im alive. We are working super hard here in Apopa and the time flies by and we enjoy ourselves too. It has been raining like crazy.  A couple days ago we got caught in a huggggggeee storm and we were wadding through water past my knees!! It was crazy and kind of scary cause everything is hills here so the water was like a giant river running down the hill and we were trying to get out of the valley. But it makes the memories. ANnnnnnndddd my scriptures got soaked.  im still drying them out. 

Anyways that was the week. Things are normal here in Apopa. We also had a Multi Zona that was really good and Presdient spoke to us. He is so powerful when he speaks.  I wish you guys could hear him one time. Sounds like the cabin was good and I hope everything is good in the heat. Love you guys.  Here are some pictures! 

Elder Nelson

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