Monday, July 18, 2016

New Area!

HEEEEEEELLLOLOO . Hey everyone. sooooooo this week  was pretty good. As I am sure you know I had changes so I am no longer in San Vicente. Monday and Tuesday were sad saying goodbye to everyone there in San Vicente. I really loved it there and was attached to some of them. Little Eileen that got baptized last week when she found out  was leaving started crying and wouldn't let go of me. So yeah that was pretty sad. But changes aren't always a bad thing. So I left on Wednesday morning and i am now in.... APOPA!!! Yeah sorry mom, I know you hated when I was in Apopa. But I promise I wont die okay. hahah just kidding its all good. SO yeah I was in Villa Mariona for almost 6 months back in the Christmas season and I came back as Zone Leader. My area is more in the city part of Apopa but it was cool because I have already been able to see some of the members from Villa Mariona. The area is good and the zone is usually successful SO i am really excited to be able to work here. My companion is Elder Markham. He is an awesome missionary from Portland Oregon. Me and him are actually the same person. He also was a big football player and will probably play after the mission as well. Sadly this is his last change. He goes home in about 5 weeks. But he isn't baggy at all and works supppperrr hard so I'm very excited for this change. 

WELL yeah so we are going to have a baptism this week. Its a kid named Fernando that I actually met when I was here the last time around and is finally getting baptized. The ward here is pretty good for the most part.  well at least there are some families that are super good and the rest don't really do anything. That's usually how it goes. The zone is good here too and  a lot of area is closed because the missionaries had problems with the people there. so in those wards when people come to church that aren't members the bishops will call us and we go and teach them in the church. SO we end up traveling a lot. Also Chalatenango is part of our zone which is pretty far away. We have about 20 missionaries in the zone I think. i dont really remember but theres a lot. Well thats all I got. Thanks for all the support love you guys!!!! Here is a picture of one of my favorite families from San Vicente. Enjoyyyyyyy. 

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