Monday, June 6, 2016

hello from Elder Nelson!

Hello everyone happy Monday. I hope everyone is having a perfectly boring monday because that's how Monday's are in the real world. But here its different. Here we hooked up with another zone and there was about 25 of us elders. They came down and we played basketball and futbol all morning so that was fun. There is a lot of cool American elders in the other zone so it was nice to socialize because here there is only one. But anyways sounds like the trip was pretty fun! Wish i could have gone, ill hit up the next one hopefully. Time is flying by here.

So I do have a new companion., His name is Elder Quezada and he is from the Dominican Republic. We really don't have anything in common and so its been kind of awkward this week but we did have two baptisms this week! Kevin and Walter got baptized and it was awesome. They are super powerful especially Walter. He always wants to say the prayers and cant wait to get the priesthood to start passing the sacrament. This week we also had a consejo de lideres so we went to San Salvador on Friday and after we had to go pick up baptism clothing in Zacate so we really haven't had a whole lot of time to work this week. I love this area. the branch is really good to me and we are starting to work better with them. But this area is still difficult. we spend a lot of time just looking for people to teach and right now we are planning activities to find people so i hope they work.

Yesterday i had a cool experience with the fast that I did. I always have the coolest experiences and although they are hard to do in the mission they always make things go by so much better. So I started the fast asking for help to find some more people interesting and willing to get baptized and then we went out to work. We weren't having a lot of success everyone was sick or wasn't home so we spent a lot of time walking. As we were walking a thought came to my mind of a girl we contacted about a week ago and never went back to visit. We happened to be close by so we went and her and her brother were home and let us in. We had a really good lesson and they accepted baptismal dates and wanted to come to church this Sunday. They seem super prepared and we are excited to help. Also in the moment that we arrived their grandma was sick and we were able to give her a blessing. 

Well that's all that happened this week. Hope you guys all have a good and safe week back home love you guys and miss you guys! This week will be busy. we have a zone conference and a bunch of interchanges so should fly by. Till next monday!

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