Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello again!

Hey fam fam. Hope everyone is enjoying the good old Arizona heat. Here its winter season and its been raining every day. Actually the past three or four days we have gotten huge rain storms that suddenly flood all the streets. Its always fun living in Central America. Anyways we put on the rain coats but it doesnt really help.  You kind of get soaked all the way through anyways. But that's part of the adventure right. Anyways not much really happened this week so Ill be a little short here. On Saturday we had interviews with President Vasquez. It was really good we mostly just talked about how we can do better in the zone. He has an idea about using the Liahona magazine for missionary work. A lot of people have a huge stack just collecting dust in their house. So we are inviting people to invite their neighbors and friends to read one and leaving it with them just saying how much they liked it. Then a week later asking how it went and inviting them to come to a Family Home evening! We have already tried to explain it to some families and hope it goes well. Its also a good idea for those of you trying to find a way to share the gospel! Its really not threatening and super powerful; almost always makes me cry when I read the church magazine. 

Anyways other than that we had a Zone conference this Wednesday that went well, I think. Also we did two days of divisions so that made time fly by. The zone here is really young so we are trying our best to work with everyone in the zones so we help them out and give them confidence! Well thats about all that has happened so far. My companion has been a little sick so we didnt get to work a whole lot this weekend, but i hope to be able to get at it this week! Love you guys so much and thanks for all the support!!

Elder Nelson

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