Monday, May 30, 2016

Changes, pictures, work.. moving along in San Vicente

Hey everyone! Its good to here from everyone and im glad everyone is healthy and safe. I cant believe we are already going into June! Time flies by as long as you don't think about it too much. But yeah its flying by. Today we are staring another change! We did get the calls last night. I will be staying in this area for at least another change. But something we were not expecting is that Elder Letona has changes! He only has one change left so we thought for sure that he would stay. But he goes on Wednesday d i will be receiving a new companion. I don't know who it will be and im kind of nervous because your comp can make a break a change... but it will all be good! And more good news we are going to have 2 baptisms this Saturday!!  Kids Walter and Kevin that we have been teaching are going to get baptized and we are super excited. They are young but super smart and crazy, its quite a thing to try and teach them. Other than that..... well things just some how keep moving along here in San Vicente. 

HEY SOMETHING REALLY WEIRD HAPPENED TODAY. Last night super late we got a call from Presidente that said a guy was going to come to the chapel this morning to take pictures of San Vicente and that he assigned us to go along with him. We said okay and went this morning but when we arrived we realized that he was not just going to take pictures of the building but of us! Yeah... today i played missionary model. HAHA it was crazy I guess he worked for the church and the church wanted a bunch of photos to be able to put in Liahonas and the church websites and stuff like that and that most of it would be for the area of central america but some of it international. Anyways so we went and we just like contacted people and walked around our area and the whole time he was following us taking pictures. Our area is really interesting and one of a kind so he loved the pictures and he said he was almost sure at least one of them would come out in a liahona or something. MOMMY IM FAMOUS. Haha no just kidding but it was fun and who knows maybe a photo will pop up in these next couple months.

Well other than that the mission continues. Here in the ward we are having a problem with the branch that the attendance is dropping a lot. But we are working really hard with the branch President. He is awesome but we just aren't getting  a lot of response from the members. Do your home and visiting teaching people!!!! Okay thats all. Love you guys!!!

Elder Nelson

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  1. Well you are a model missionary! Good job Elder Nelson:)