Monday, May 23, 2016

A Rat. Be Happy. Laugh. Serve.

Hello everyooonnnneeeeeee.  These weeks are starting to fly by.  I cant believe im already writing again. I feel like I say that all the time but seriously.... anyways. This week was really good. Lots of fun things happened. Mostly just me and my companiion making the most of things. Due to the lack of information received from the states I feel like everything is normal. im glad im not missing a whole lot. This week was interesting.
First off i really do get along really well with my companion. He has helped me a lot to loosen up and enjoy things as they happen. he likes to mess around all the time and so i think i have laughed more this change with him than in my whole life. And this week was the week of bad luck for me and heeeerrrreeeesss why. First off there is a rat in my house. Not a fan of this. We came home one day and it ran out from under a table close to where i sat down and i may or may not have screamed like a 4 year old girl.... you guys have no way to prove it. but my companion made fun of me for freaking out. (its not the first time that a rat has been in my house but i will never be okay with it.) So I made us go rat hunting to go kill it and I took a video. In this video you may or may not hear me scream like a little girl...I'll see if I can send a part of that to you guys for your daily entertainment. Then my companion was making fun of me all week for that and during a lesson with members he put a small dog that LOOKS LIKE A RAT on my lap and when i turned and saw it i may or may not have let out a girly scream. I got a whole bunch more people making fun of me. Apparently when a big gringo screams like a girl it spreads like wild fire in the branch here. Even when we came sunday to church our branch president was making fun of me. BUT ALL IN GOOD FUN what else is new?  this is my life here. Also my make shift pull up bar broke Friday morning so I fell from our roof on friday. That hurt. But im alive. Its just more ammo for my companion...
Okay enough rambling about that. the work is going good here. We have 3 baptisms set for June so we are pretty excited. We are finally starting to see progress and the key is we are going out of our way to visit members and do service. We are seeing they are really more receptive to work with us. This is the last week of the change and normally i would say that im going to stay here but normally in my life in the mission when things start going good i have changes to another area so WHO KNOWS. What ever happens im having a good time and its flying by. Thanks for all the support back home and the letters and emails and prayers. it all helps so much and im so grateful for an awesome family who I love more than anything in the world! Love you guys and hope you have a great week!
Elder Nelson

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