Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello Monday!

Hello everyone. Sorry for getting on so late. We had some problems with the computers here but now we are all good. Sounds like all is going good there! Im glad Bree got to Germany safely and seems like everyone is nice and settled in getting ready for the Arizona summer!  This week has been pretty good and has flown by. I can hardly remember what happened so we will see how this goes...

Well on Wednesday we had a Zone conference. We got a call about 11 oclock at night on tuesday to tell us that President was going to be in our meeting so we had to move it to 8 oclock the next morning. So we had to wake everyone up in the zone in order to let them know and then we had to wake up at like 4 in the morning to get everything ready. I was so exhausted but it all went okay and everything turned out well. It always works out... so dont stress Elder Nelson. After that the week went by pretty normal. We actually had some really good planning sessions and some good ideas for our area and we are starting to see success. We have really tried to invlove the Lord in our area and ask him what he wants us to do and the direction that he wants us to take. We have seen small but very significant improvements. It always reminds me that this is the work of the Lord and that he will guide us if we listen to him. We finally got a investigating family to come to church this sunday with a girl named Rocio.  Rocio was progressing but never came to church and so we were thinking of dropping her. But she finally came and now we have a lot of hope. Also we found another less active family.... because they sell pupusas and we were buying dinner.... and we came to realize that two of the kids weren't members. So we asked if we could teach them and the parents agreed and we put baptismal dates for June so we are really excited. With all this success its making me feel like im going to have changes soon.... hahah... just kidding... kind of. 

Anyways this branch is really good and they are really good to us. Its hard because almost no members live in our area but we are going to be creative in how we are going to get them to help us and get some new people to teach. This change has flown by.  We are already in week 5 of the change and i feel like it just started. My baggy moment of the week is that i have officially broken into the stage of my mission that everyone tells me "Oh you just have a little left!" and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. But right now we are just going to keep working. We still have a lot of struggles but we are being positive. Ill send you the selfie President took with our zone! Love you guys!

Elder Nelson

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