Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Week!

Hello everyone! Its good to hear from everyone again. Although it is always a little bit bittersweet on Mondays because I always look forward to it and then comes the time to write home and it just makes you think of home. But oh well thats life. ANYWAYS. Sounds like everybody is settling in before the summer time hits full force. it will be cool to have a bunch of people in house for mothers day and the baby blessing.  Im sure it will be quite the experience. SO We had changes this week and Elder Wallace went to Ilopongo, the last place he wanted to go. And I received Elder Letona from Guatamala. He is super awesome and was actually my district leader for a change back when I was training in San Miguel. So this week has been pretty interesting.  we spent a long time looking for a house for the hermanas that came in. We finally found one and are finishing the contract on Wednesday so they can move in. SO thats been fun. We also have been working really hard in our area. We have a lot of progressing people right now and are hoping that they make the decision to be baptized. I like the area even though it can be difficult at times, but that's how it goes. Me and Elder Letona get along well.  the only problems can be understanding cultural differences.  

Anyways thats basically it. One investigator finally got his answer from the First Presidency to be able to get baptized after waiting for five months and doing a bunch of interviews. We are super happy for him and now are just working on him getting married to his wife that doesn't want to get married. That seems to be your very typical investigator here in El Salvador. Also there are 4 people training in the zona so we are always dealing with the fun stuff that comes with new missionaries in the mission. Basically thats all i got for this week. This week we have a multi zona so that will be fun. i always love being taught by President Vasquez. Also I got this weird cancer looking thing on my arm that Hermana Vasquez got mad at me for not reporting. So Ill probably be going to get that burned off next week. Yummmmmm, Fried Elder Nelson. Love you guys thanks for everything!

Elder Nelson

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