Monday, May 2, 2016


Hello everyone! Sounds like it was a pretty good week for everyone! Congrats to Tyler and Anneke on the baby blessing! Im sure it was awesome to have all the family and grand kids there. And yes everyone looks so grown up its crazy!.... *pause* except mom and dad... you guys look nice and young. *subject changer*. Yes mothers day is this week! Here mothers day is actually on the 10 of may which is Saturday, but we are planning a big mission activity on that day so we will be skyping on Sunday. We are going to be starting at 12:30 my time so I would be ready by then, but it depends also on the support we get from members because if they don't bring laptops and what not to let us use we are going to be stacked up waiting for the whole zone to finish first. So just be ready for whatever. It always works out. We will have 45 minutes,  so have your questions, because you already know me and emotions and crying and time limits and talking just isn't a mix that goes very well with me. Cant wait to talk to you guys!

Anyways this week was good but also very very difficult. We had a multi zona this week that was really good and I received a lot of revelation. We focused a lot on consecrating ourselves which is our mission President's favorite term. President Vasquez is an awesome man, completely inspired of God and a huge role model. When he testifies he can so quickly and powerfully fill a room with a spiritual force. It penetrates at times to the very soul, a sensation so warm and rewarding. Afterwards we worked hard and the week was normal. This area really is hard, (I know that I say that a lot but I have always had those hard areas no one wants to go to, but I wont get into that too much). Elder Letona and i worked really hard, but i have been dealing a lot with stress. I have never felt so much stress and pressure and feelings of inadequacy and fatigue like I have been feeling. i put really high expectations on myself sometimes and get mad and impatient with myself when I don't reach them.  Which makes me at times kind of just shut down. SO I have been really working on that and felt a lot of comfort from my fast that I did this weekend. I hope everyone is doing their monthly 24 hour fast.... its really important. I remember receiving a lot of councils especially from Uncle Gage about how the mission will pull out all of your weaknesses to make you see them and work on them and humble yourself. I've come to know i have a lot of weaknesses. So I have a lot of work to do, which isn't always a bad thing. 

Anyways that was my week, thanks for all the support! You guys are awesome. I am doing great here and love it here and the people. The difficulties are part of the work! See you guys on Sunday!

Elder Nelson

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  1. Thank you Elder Nelson for your encouragement in our monthly fast. You are so right, it is such a blessing to fast and receive guidance and strength from the Lord. We're proud of you Elder Nelson!