Monday, April 18, 2016

New Changes!

Hello everyone! its good to hear from you all. I cant believe that another change has come to a close. I feel like i just got to San Vicente! But every time I feel like Im getting a decent amount of time i remember that all my friends are pretty much going home this summer... sad. But oh well. This week was fun because we got to go to the temple! It was fun because I was really able to do everything pretty self sufficient and in Spanish. It seemed so normal to me that I think it will be a little shocking and I may not understand what is going on when I do it in English again. But it was fun to be able to go through with the whole zone. Also with this change my companion is leaving! We just got notified like 30 minutes ago and so I will be receiving another companion here. Also they are opening another area here in San Vicente and are going to put sister missionaries here.  So tomorrow we have to go look for a house for them to stay, which is going to be fun. But other than that, life goes on as always.

This week work was was pretty normal. My companion got pretty sick one night with vomiting but he is better now. The hermanas in our zone baptized a family of five and one of the sons who was baptized about a month ago did the ordinance for his whole family. It was really cool to see and to be a witness of the ordinance. As each one got baptized they were freezing cold but huddled around the font before changing so they all got to see each other getting baptized. It was a pretty cool experience. We have a couple really positive investigators but not as many as we would like, and finding people in this area is always the struggle. But i look forward to the changes because its always nice to get fresh ideas in the area and about the work.  Even though I'm nervous about who I will be receiving.  Whether or not you get along with your companion makes a huge difference. 

Well thats all I got.  Not a lot of big news other than that. The time passes by pretty fast most days. But I still feel very new and try not to get daunted or overwhelmed by what is going on and what i still need to do in all the time that I have left here. But I have felt a lot of comfort through prayer.  I have also been thinking a lot on some of the talks given this GC. I learned that its okay not to be perfect and to have struggles. Its okay to feel like you just cant do it. Through the spirit we can retain a remission of our sins and a lot depends on the desires of our hearts. If we really desire to get better and keep falling short, the atonement is and available to everyone. Not just for bad people trying to be good, but also for good people wanting to be better. 

Thanks for all the support family and friends!

Elder Nelson

Video of the Bell Tower in San Vicente
(LOUD. Turn volume down.)

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