Monday, February 1, 2016

Time Flies!!

Another monddaayyyyyyy. time flies. honestly it is so hard to think about what happens during the week. Anyways I hope I can try to share the thoughts on my mind. i always have a plan of what I am going to say but when I write it out it all comes differently. It was great to hear from everyone. it sounds like everyone is hanging in there. Everybody looks so different its crazy but its awesome to see all the pictures from people. You guys all are always in my prayers and I think of you guys as much time as i let myself. Which actually isnt a whole lot of time because you've got to focus on all the fun missionary stuff. Anyways so that you guys know... this week we had another change. And....... Im staying here in Apopa! Ill be finishing the training of my companion which I am happy because he is one of my best friends now and we are starting to have a lot of success. Ill be passing that good old year right here in Apopa which is cool because the members love me and already promised me a bunch of food. Ps... Im getting fat. Ugh. but the food here is so good. 

So we have quite a few people progressing. Most of our success has come from the members. We have won the confidence of the members and they are just pulling references out of nowhere so we have quite a few people to teach and they are all coming to church  because the members bring them. When the members know you are servants of God and good missionaries and nice and loving just like them they will trust you with the nearest and dearest friends. Thats something i learned this week. Antonio is going to be baptized this upcoming week and ill send the picure because I couldnt send it before. He is awesome, and we are hoping for various others in this month. This week we had a ward conference and all the stake came to our little ward to it was packed. But they presented the Central America Area plan and i took some notes. i have big plans for what i want to do to serve God all of my life and so every once in a while I let myself take note and plan how i can be a better priesthood holder, son, brother, and future father. They stressed a lot of the basics, saying that we cant fail with daily scripture and prayer. Also the importance of being perfect with tithes and fast. they also stressed a lot of establishing a family home evening, every Monday night and it has to be a priority. There is a lot of work to be done in those areas with families here so I thought it was great. 

Time flies. I had a minor freakout that ill be passing my year mark because i still feel so new here. I also learned about having Faith. If we have faith we will be happy. Faith and doubts cannot co exist. So if im doubting, its simple, im lacking in faith. Faith is basic, but so powerful I think it is impossible for us to comprehend. i have been diving in to studying that and I am just so amazed at the power of faith. Its something I want to improve. 

Love you all very much. I am doing great. Its hard, but nothing worth anything in life was ever easy. And this is so worth it. You all are in my prayers everyday and I thank you guys for the constant prayers on my behalf. 

Elder Nelson

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