Monday, January 25, 2016

A busy and great week!

Hi everyone! Hope everything is great. I heard that it was pretty cold in the states? that is what everyone tells me but you can't really trust what the people say here at times. the other day someone told me we started colonizing another planet. Didn't quite believe that one. But anyways this week was pretty eventful and seems to have flown by. 

This Wednesday we had the world wide conference. It was pretty awesome. I don't feel like I heard anything new but I heard many things that I can do better. The leaders from the church talked to us about how to teach repentance and baptize converts and how to do better in that. It was the first World wide mission conference since the time Preach my Gospel came out. I loved how Elder Bednar spoke of the importance of the Spirit. Basically without the spirit we are useless, but also we cant force someone to feel the spirit. They have to accept it and let it in their hearts to start the seeds of a testimony. That is a good lesson for all i think. 

Also, Elder Cook came this week! We went to see him and also Elder Christensen was there from the Presidency of the 70 with Elder Ochoa of the quorum of the 70. Its always an experience getting to hear the apostles and being able to shake their hands. It is something you just don't forget. It was a really powerful meeting and I learned a lot. He spoke a lot of the blessings that come from mission service and how it blesses us, our family present and future, and everyone with a connection in our lives. It also blesses all the people we teach and come unto the truth of the Gospel. My favorite was after he talked about how he was in California and someone asked him why the apostles aren't direct in their testimonies. He said we shouldn't share deep spiritual experiences with everyone because they are sacred and need to be treated with respect, and simple is more powerful. But then he told us "but I'm going to be direct with you guys". He bore a super powerful testimony and at the end he said, "I know Jesus Christ lives. I know His voice. I know His face." .... .... ... just let that sink in for a second. I have a strong testimony of the living Prophets and apostles. I know they are His apostles and receive revelation for all of us. Their guidance will guide us through the world we live in that seems to have no guidance. 

Anyways afterwards I went on divisions with the Zone Leaders again which is always fun.  I learn so much when I do that. Sunday we had a stake conference with President Vasquez and Elder Ochoa. It was really awesome and despite being farther away we had 7 investigators there. It was powerful. Afterwards we took a picture with Antonio and his Girlfriend and he told us "the next picture is going to be in all white". Let me just say there aren't sweeter words in the world. Ill send the picture. Well I love you all and thanks for all the support and all the prayers. Love you guys!

Elder Nelson

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  1. What a wonderful week! I'm so glad you are having opportunities to hear the General Authorities teach and testify. How perfect! I appreciate your sharing these experiences with us!