Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Monday!

Hello everyone! Sounds like everyone had a pretty good and busy week! Congrats to Anneke on the baby shower. sounds like it went pretty well. Wish I could be there but im happy right where I am. The Disney shirts look awesome. Im sure the grandkids are going to be nice and spoiled after that trip. This week we have two devotionals! On the 20th we have the world wide missionary one that should be pretty interesting. But also Im going to meet another Apostle! Elder Cook is going to come on Saturday and we are all going to the church at the temple to see him. It will be another multi mission activity so it will be cool to see everybody and I'm excited to see what he will tell us. I heard Jeffery R Holland came down there where Jessie is! Jealous! He is so powerful. I love receiving guidance from the leaders of the church. 

Anyways this week was pretty good. We had a pretty good success and I had the chance to go and do splits with the other Elders for a couple days. Its not my favorite thing in the world to leave my area but it is cool to meet new people and learn from other Elders. We have an investigator that is very positive named Antonio and he is getting ready to be baptized on the 13th. He is really awesome and has come to church 4 times in a row. The only problem is that his mom practises witchcraft and i'm pretty sure has tried to curse us. Of all the experiences in a mission in El Salvador... But we are praying all goes good with him. We have a couple people that are really positive and just lack one or two key points to get baptized. We are pretty excited. I hope i get to stay in this area until March so I can finish the training with my companion. We are getting along really well (he promised me a trip to Veracruz Mexico after the mission) and I don't really want to leave the member of this area. When you are with them for enough time you start to get a connection and I get along really well with a lot of them.

 This week I happened to be studying in the night before I went to sleep and during the nightly phone calls about the Millennium and coming of Christ. I sat and pondered for a good bit of time and pretty soon my mind was riveted and I lost all desire to sleep. I think its so true the scriptures that say we should treasure up the words of scripture and life in our minds and if we do so diligently with a spirit of fasting and prayer all things will be made known unto us, even the mysteries of heaven. I have found that as I study more and more I have desires to learn about this wonderful gospel. I am so excited to see what the future holds and now see the importance of day to day obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel. I have a testimony of my Saviour and Redeemer and I know of the power of his Atonement. I have Faith in the scriptures and try every day to develop my faith. I know the priesthood was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith and know he was a prophet of God. I know also that there is indescribable joy in the Plan of God and the chance to become an eternal Family. I am thankful for my parents and the opportunities they have given me to learn and grow in the Gospel. Hope everyone has a fun and safe week! Till next week!

Elder Nelson

Chad wearing his tie clip mom sent

"This is how we exercise in El Salvador"

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