Monday, February 8, 2016


Hello everyone. I am happy to be talking to you guys and hope all is going well. Sounds like some of you were sick this week and if that was you I hope you feel better. I don't have a whole lot to say this week and the connection here is really bad but I will try to get out what I can. This week was a little long for me but good. At the beginning of the week I was really drained of energy and motivation to work. It was kindof hard couple of days but my companion got me motivated and after a good 24 hour fast I was ready to go and feel good. Its crazy how powerful that is. We have been struggling finding people to teach. We hope to have the baptism of Antonio this 13 of Feb and he is super awesome but has some doubts about if he feels ready so we are praying and fasting a lot for that. Also Elder Duncan of the seventy is coming to visit our mission this Saturday so we are excited to hear from him. I love when the leaders of the church come to visit and they seem to be coming a lot recently. Anyways other than that it was a pretty normal week. Like always in my spare time I love to study the doctrine of the Church and the scriptures and I have spent a lot of time studying the Plan of Salvation. Its amazing how perfect his plan it and how everything we do see and learn is involved in the plan. When you can see the world from that perspective it changes a lot of things. Anyways Im sorry for the short email but I need to catch up on some others. Love you all and wish the very best!

Elder Nelson

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