Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello again!

Hey guys! Sounds like it was a crazy exciting an awesome week! Congrats to Anneke and Tyler for the new baby! That sounds so awesome! I'm glad everyone seems healthy and I'll be praying for you guys! And happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Hope you guys had an awesome time in Disneyland and enjoy the day! Sounds like Disneyland was fun and not too crowded which always makes things pretty good. And everyone got home with only minor problems so that's good too. Anyways my week was actually pretty good. 

We had a good week and found a lot of new people to teach.  We found two new people named Ruth and Yesica and they are super positive. They already came to church and accepted to be baptized so we just have to help one of them get married and the other drinks coffee. We opened up a neighborhood that had been closed for some time here and it all seems pretty chill. Its just too big of a place not to enter so we are trying to get references there. We are finally having success working with the members and we have found a lot of positive people. We had 6 investagadores in Institute this week which was awesome and its mostly because the members are helping us bring them. We also have a family of 6 that is progressing a lot. its just hard for them to wake up and come to church, so we trying our best to get them to come too. 

That's basically all that happened this week. I learned a lot about the importance of having Faith. Its such a powerful concept and when we have it we can do miracles. Also we had a service project where we set a school partially on fire. That was fun. Love you all. thanks for the support! Love you guys!

Elder Nelson

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