Monday, January 4, 2016

10 Months today!

Well I'm officially in double digits. 10 months flew by so fast. Anyways I wish everyone a happy new year. I cant believe its already 2016 and its weird to think that this full year ill be here in the country. But I am excited for what life holds for me in this next year. Anyways  this week was actually really good. Something cool that happened was our fast on Sunday. Me and my companion really were praying and fasting for our investigators and I tried really hard to go 24 hours with a constant prayer in my heart, because it is easy to forget the reasons why we are doing it. We were praying specifically for a family of three boys who are super awesome and honest but just wont read or wake up to go to Church. It was a hard day but we kept hope. In the morning on Sunday we passed by the home of the family and we realized they were all asleep. We decided to knock anyways and the older kid came out and said the he woke up early today and just felt like he should come to church. He also read a little of what we left him. It was such a huge step for the family and he loved church is is going to go to a youth activity this week. It was such a blessing from God. 

This week was pretty interesting other than that. We ate a BUNCH of food on the 31, mostly panes con pollo which are amazing. I ate 3. Which is a lot.  Then we ate a whole turkey made by our bishop. All night people were doing fireworks so we didn't sleep at all and I've been tired ever since. Buts that's just how we do things here. 

Its been really cool study how to be a better leader and I've focused on just showing love for other people. In all the actions you do.  And sometimes you know you just have to grab your companion and tell him you love him. Me and my companion get along really well. I used to want to leave this area but now I hope I finish his training. 

WELL that's all I got. Hope all is going well there. Love you guys and miss you a lot. Happy new year!

Elder Nelson

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