Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! SO im not sure what to say in this email because I just had an hour to talk with the family. It was great to talk to everyone and everyone seems so different now, but happy so thats all that matters. It really is the best gift in the world to talk to family. So I'm sorry that I let the emotions get the best of me and cried my eyes out. I didnt want to do that but im an emotional person. It was tears of joy, so dont worry. I really am enjoying the mission and dont want to be anywhere else before my two years. This weekend was good; we got right to work. It was refreshing to be back on a normal schedule and to have our days full of work. We have a lot of work to do. Id be lying to say my area wasnt hard, but im refreshed and up to the challenge. I have been reading a lot of the words of the Presidents of the church and the example that they have set in their lives. Im awe struck at the challenges and their hard work and how they overcame them. Its a testimony to me and I want to be more like them. 

Uhhhh really nothing else has happened. Im really greatful for all my fmaily and I have the greatest in the world. My family means everything to me and I love you guys more than anything. Im so happy i have your support and prayers. Its been a hard week away from Christmas, but Im already looking forward to the next year and setting new goals. Love all of you and thanks for all the prayers!

Elder Nelson

(These are pictures that were posted by the mission president's wife of the Christmas activities the missionaries participated in over the holiday.) 

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