Monday, December 7, 2015

Change Week!!!

Hello everyone! Thank you for all the birthday wishes. It is so nice to hear from everyone. Especially from the people that I don't get to hear from a lot. I just watched the video that my family, or the best family in the world, sent me. You guys look so awesome and so different to me its weird. But thank you for thinking of me and making a cake for me on my birthday. It almost brought tears to my eyes to see you guys, i miss and love you guys so much. So I have quite a few things to say I hope I can get them across in this time here that I have. SO this week was birthday week, and it wasn't what i expected. First off, President gave me one of the best birthday presents I could ask for. I got called to be a trainer for the second time! I am so excited, I went to a trainers meeting and meet with a lot of people I haven't seen for months. Training is the greatest thing in the world for me and I cant wait to spend these next 12 weeks helping some one else adjust to the mission. I am amazed that God has put that much trust in me and I am determined to not let him down. I will be receiving my new companion Wednesday and will be staying here in Apopa. 

So my birthday I am not gonna lie was kinda hard. I was sad not to be with family and my companion didn't really help because he has been so focused on leaving he doesn't really care about anything else. Because of that it has been a kind of hard week, but I am super excited for what is to come so that makes up for it. I am not on to really announce its my birthday so the day was pretty normal and we didn't do anything.  but the next day we ate lunch with a member and they found out and made me a cake. SO mom yes, someone gave me cake (: I loved the ties you sent me too! I am really impressed with the ties you choose, you have my stamp of approval. And i like the Cards shirt, gotta represent my Bird Gang. Anyways I had a cool experience. on my birthday we were eating with a member that are really old and I was pretty bummed about not being home for my birthday. We were sitting outside and before we left He asked if we could sing "Soy un hijo de Dios" or known as I am a child of God. We sang and i felt The spirit hit me so strong. I fought back tears, and felt the reassurance that God was happy with me, and He will never leave me. He is always on our right and on our left, will go before us and lift us up amidst our afflictions. 

that brings me to my awesome mother who prepared an advent calender for for the month of December. I have been amazed to read every morning testimonies of friends and family. It has lifted me and brightened my day. Thanks to everyone. Well That's all I got for this email, ill try to respond to as many others as I can. Thanks for everything love you guys!

Elder Nelson

At a service project with part of his zone including Elders Hood and Marriot who will both be at BYU.
Elder Nelson standing on a balcony looking out over his area.  The volcano is seen in the distance. 

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