Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes! (plus pictures)

Hey Everyone! I am so so blessed for all the birthday wishes I received this week. I am not going to be able to respond to them all but be assured I took the time to read each and every one. I am so thankful for all the support, and its crazy that I will be turning 20. I dont feel in the slightest like i will be in my 20's... I am so old. But dont worry I still am a little immature in heart. I like to joke around. But I am so grateful for how much I have grown this year. I am almost positive half of you guys wont recognize me. I have been pretty resistant in waiting until the 5th to open my birthday stuff so I will send a picture when a take one this saturday. Cool story, we have a temple activity this saturday! Its another open house thing for the investigators so I will be passing half my birthday there, and there isnt a better place to do it. Also this week was thanksgiving. Although we dont celebrate it here, I took the opportunity to eat more pupusas than I should. I regret nothing. Anyways it really was great to hear from a lot of you and it sounds like things are going great there. We are going into the last full week that my companion and I will be staying here in Apopa and where we will receive a different companion. Im excited for the change but ill miss my companion, we really have been getting along great. 

This week we had a better asistencia in the church. We had a primaria program so a lot of people showed up, about 90. Its the most filled i have ever seen the ward. Also we have an investigador of gold, that is accepting everything we teach. His name is Jose Daniel and is an inspiration for me. We also have president interviews and it was amazing. I have such a testimony of my mission president, and when he talks to me I feel the spirit so strong. We received some wise counsel and I am going to apply it. We talked a lot about how to have effective studies and teaching and how we should be dedicated to Preach My Gospel.  My favorite is when, by the spirit, he promised me if I dedicate myself and consecrate myself to the work and my studies, I will bless my family now and my future family more than I can believe. It was a special experience for me that Ill never forget.

Anyways Mom I give you props on the tshirt, I love it. You never fail to be the best mom in the world. This week should be pretty awesome and I look forward to the upcoming season. It is a different spirit here in EL Salvador during this season. I love it. Its also getting really fresco here in the night and its nice not to sweat as much. Love you all!

Elder Nelson

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