Monday, November 23, 2015


Hey guys! Its good to hear from all you! I cant believe its already coming up to Thanksgiving. No it is not celebrated here but I actually get a lot of questions about it. People here actually have a lot of respect for the Holiday and love that we pass it with the family, they always say its the one holiday they wish they had. 'Merica got it right. Anyways thanks for all the concerns about the sickness. I do feel better now and was sick for a total of about 10 days. I still don't know what I had but apparently I wasn't the only one sick, in fact I feel like half this country is sick. We got added a bunch of new rules about what we can and cannot eat and other health codes to protect us. I was interested to hear about the post office being on strike.  I haven't heard anything about that but maybe I'll look into it. Us missionaries are all a little worried because of the upcoming Christmas season and packages and letters and all the fun stuff but it should all get resolved soon so I am not too worried. Being here I am very separated from the world and don't hear a lot of news but occasionally other missionaries or members let me know some things that are happening. Its clear to see that the world is getting worse, but its comforting to know that there is peace and surety in the Gospel. God has given us His plan, and that will never change.

This week was really good and it was nice to get back to work a bit after being so sick. We have been struggling a little again with the church attendance, for investagadors and ward. A year ago the ward had about 80 people coming regularly, but now we are about 55. Its hard to bring investigadors when the members themselves dont come. We are starting to see the times in Gods plan that the testimonies are being tested and the weak are being weeded out. Of the members I have seen here and maybe in all places.. honestly maybe 1 out of 10 does a good daily scripture study. I promise that if we dont have good daily nourishment from the scriptures and prayer, we will fall. The world is just too evil, and to go into battle without your armor is suicide. I promise there is time to study in your day, and as President Hinckley said you will find power in your lives. I have felt and testify of this. 

Anyways I wont lie this area is bastante difficult. We really don't have a lot of positive people and the positive people there are we can't ever find them in their house. But we are moving forward forever working, and maybe are going to change the focus to helping the less active come to church because this area needs it. I love the Gospel and have such a strong testimony. Being the type of person that I am that always thinks of the future I am so excited to have a Gospel centered family because I know of a surety the blessings it brings. I have put into practice the advice from GC-- during the sacrament i ponder, "What is keeping me from progressing?" "What do I need to change in my life to become a better missionary/disciple/brother/son/person?" I have had many spiritual experiences with the sacrament that are very sacred to me in these months, and hope everyone can have them too.

SO I opened my birthday package to take out the event stocking (BEST MOM EVER) and put it up. I love it and am so excited. The rest I love but didn't look too closely because I am going to wait to take it out for my birthday and I'll send a picture then. Wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! 

Elder Nelson

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