Monday, November 16, 2015

What to say...

Well, hello everybody. Probably going to be a short letter this week because I dont have much to say but  I promise this wont be a regular thing. So this week was the first of the new change. We had to drop a lot of our investigadors because they werent coming to church and so we didnt have a lot of people to teach. I had been worried that my companion was starting to get ready to go home and didnt want to work very much, but as an answer to prayer and fasting we recieved a burst of motivation and worked very well. He is very determined to work untill the end of these three weeks and that is such a blessing because its one of the worst things to work with someone that doesnt want to work. But I have also tried to see things from his side of the ball and this has helped me a bunch. I find myself a lot more patient and we get along a lot better.  Oh the life skills that I learn here in the mission.

Anyways as far as this week, well as much I didnt want to say anything about it i feel I need to in order to say how my week went. Although my spirits are high, my body hit a low. About tuesday I was hit with really bad stomach pains and a fever very high. The next day i had a mild fever that was pretty constant all day too. After I began to have stomach pains and nausea and the doctor of the area had me do some testing for parasites. Oh that fun stuff again. Brought back great memories. Anyways the tests came back negative and right now we are still not sure why I have stomach problems because I have tried to be pretty careful with the food. I havent had much desire to eat and while I dont have fever or anything anymore I still am not a 100 percent. But the Lord blessed me to be able to work all day yesterday for the first time the whole week and we were able to put 6 baptismal dates, which were desperately needed. Anyways, Mom, if you have recovered from your minor panic attack be sure that I am very fine here and well looked after. Just thought you deserved to stay posted. 

Anyways that was pretty much all the things that happened to me this week. I should be able to work all this week so I am very excited for that, and I hope you guys know how strong my testimony is no matter the hard or great weeks. Thanks you for everything and love you all very much!

Elder Nelson

(After being asked about his housing) Well... at least its a house. Its big. It has a second story but thats where the bats live. I dont really like it but it could be worse i guess. The shower is like a rusty faucet hanging over the toilet so I mean its convenient... you can go sit on the toilet and go to the bathroom and take a shower all at the same time. Great time saver.

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