Monday, October 12, 2015

Wild, Wild Central

Hey everyone! Im so happy to be able to write and hear from you guys once everyweek, it is such a blessing. SO I wanted to give a little more info on my area because sincerely Im not sure how I described it the last week, the cyber we were in was really bad. ANyways my area is completely different than the last area. My calfs are getting quite the work out, there is nothing but hills. Honestly I always feel like no matter where we have to go it is uphill both ways. The ward is a lot smaller and really different. We only have about 60 people in Church Sundays and there are a lot of less actives, so that is what we are focusing on a lot. The investigators are pretty good, this area was reopened only a change before I got here so we didnt have a lot to work with. But we are moving along! My companion is very different from me, and him almost "dying", or finsihing the mission makes it interesting sometimes. But we get along pretty well and he is teaching me a lot. Anyways thats a little bit about my area.
I have been studying a lot of doctrine this week. I have found that I love to read things about the church. I have really put a lot of thought into the atonement, and it has blown my mind as I think more and more about it. I know that if we use the atonement daily, and i mean daily, we will find power in our lives. It has something that I really have grown a testimony of these days. Anyways this week we also had a Multi Zone. Presidents Wife gave a little "talk" about the Sabbath day, and I was so blown by what she said. I recieved a lot of personal revelation in how I should conduct myself, and even here in the mission I have made changes. There is a lot of power in this commandment.
Anyways im doing good here! I got a little sick this week, but after a day I was pretty good. I have also lost a little weight because we dont get fed as much here and we walk a lot but I am staying strong. Sometimes I get hit by homesickness, mostly I miss my family. But I know where I am is where I need to be. We had an investigador and she is going to get baptized. We taught her of the temples and asked her what she thought, and her response made me happy. She said it just felt right that God would give us something eternal in a world that is full of temporary. I know Families can be forever together, actually it is what holds most of my testimony together. Love you all very much!
Elder Nelson

Elder Nelson and his new companion, Elder Rodriguez 

A family Elder Nelson was teaching in San Miguel

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