Monday, October 19, 2015

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing really really awesome. Awesome is awesome. It was great to hear from everyone! I love hearing about everything back home, and its crazy because I forget that life still goes on. Its crazy to see some people coming up close to graduating high school and things like that, it makes me feel so old! Anyways, I have to apologize to my mother because unfortunately I don't have any pictures. The problem is that this area that I am in right now just so happens to be a lot more dangerous than my old area, (sorry mom i didnt want to tell you) and I am scared to leave with my camera. Also the P days here are kind of boring because the Zone Leaders dont do anything.. but as soon as i get the chance I will send you pictures. Just know that I am always protected and have seen the angels guiding and protecting me even in this short time I have been here. Although we are cautious, I dont leave the house in fear, mostly because of my knowledge I have in the Gospel and that the Lord will protect us as we do His work.
Anyways this week seemed to fly by! Shout out to Grandpa and Grandma Sheldon I got a bunch of letters from you guys and it was great to hear about how things are doing up there north. Also I got a big poster type card letter thing with a bunch of family signing it which was quite entertaining, I really enjoyed it. Thanks to the best Family in the world! Me and my companion struggled at the beginning of the week to find new people to teach, but we started to look for the less active families and had a lot of success finding people who werent members. Working with the members is by far the most effective way to work. Make sure you guys are giving the Missionaries back home plenty of opportunities, and I am sure you are. Anyways we have a few investigadores that are really doing great, one that is going to get baptized this week. The other Girl that wants to get baptized we are going to wait one more week, and then we hope she will do it do. We also had a family we were thinking about dropping because they just werent completing their committments, but the whole family showed up this week to Church! It was awesome to see and it made me so happy. I get such joy when the investigadores are progressing.
Anywas other than that the week went by pretty normal. Me and my companion have started to have pretty good unity while teaching and the lessons are becoming more and more powerful as we feel the spirit work through us. I have really seen how the mission has brought out my weaknesses, ones i havent seen in abundance before. Lots of impatience, whisps of pride-fullness, and the occasional doubts. I have learned to rely on the Atonement to help me with these things and have seen the ¨weak things become strong". I know this church is true, and the more i teach the more I look forward to one day sharing this gospel back home as well. I cant wait to have the opportunity to exercise these Gospel principles among a family of my own, but I know everything has its time. Thanks for everything! Im praying for you guys every day, especially you guys mom and dad! Love you!
Elder Nelson

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