Monday, October 26, 2015

Chikungunya, Baptism and Pictures!

Hey everyone! I cant believe Halloween is next week! I actually forgot that was a thing, nobody talks about the american holidays here! But I hope everyone is enjoying the coming of the holiday season. It is, the most wonderful time of the year. Anyways this week has been an interesting one. As part of my contuing quest to involve myself in the culture here, I decided it was the best time as any to get Chikungunya! For those of you who dont know it sufficeth me to say, Its not fun. Basically it started with a fever and then pain in all your body but especially the knees and ankles and back, and then I got an awful rash that covered my whole entire body with red spots and it was very itchy. SO that was fun. The good thing... (dont worry mom) I am very much over it right now, and I just have lingering pain in my ankels and knees that Im told really doesnt go away. Supposedly this illness is coming around hard right now and i swear half the country has it. But i feel good now, and am back to working.
Other than that we had a baptism this week. His name is Francisco, and he is awesome. His biggest trials were leaving behind some bad friendships but finally did it and was baptized and confirmed. He has expressed a desire to serve a mission and is preparing to recieve the priesthood and already has his eyes set on the temple. It really was an example to see his change. The other person we had, Katerine, has been kind of bailing on us recently and and we are praying she is not thinking of turning away. We are going to pass by tonight to see whats happening. Anyways My compainion basically has half his foot out the door of his mission and is losing the desire to work a bit, which can make things difficult. But we are chugging along. This change has blown by fast already.
News alert!!!! My Pday next week will be a tuesday!!!! We have an activity for family history next monday. SO I wont be writing until the next tuesday.
Anyways I was talking to my companion about the joys of serving here in El Salvador. I really do love it here, and like every missionary I will defend till the day I die that I am serving in the best place ever with the best people. No matter what the circumstances in life you just have to make the best of it. I was talking about this with my companion as we geared up with bug spray to take on a swarm of mosquitoes that attacked our bathroom, chased a rat and a pigeon that found its way into our house, walked all day in a sun the burns like no other and then ran home in pouring rain that soaked me to the core, and then later had to crawl up on all fours trying to go up some of the hills in my area. With all these joys and countless more, I love the work and have seen daily miracles. I dont want to be anywhere else to serve these two years. I know sometimes we are given trials but if we look at life at a Gospel standpoint, with knowledge in the plan of Salvation, we can get through anything with a true smile on your face. Love you all!
Ps here is a picture of the baptisms.

Pss we hired a world renown local artist to do a center piece and I took a picture of him!!!

Psss here is a investigator we helped build their house. She refers to me kindly and lovingly as "her white boy"

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