Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The bat story continues...true story

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!  Its a little weird to think that it already Tuesday and I feel so out of place! But here I am. SO its crazy that halloween passed already, nobody here celebrates it so its like it doesn't even happen. But people here celebrate a different holiday... more info to follow on that. It is great to hear from everyone! Congrats to Tyler and Anneke with the baby girl that's awesome! I'll be praying for you guys! And I loved seeing Kai and Lexi and Navy! Glad everything is going good there and that even the sports are going good. 

Anyways this week was an interesting one. So that you guys know, this weekend we had an activity in the cemeteries. All the missionaries went to their local cemeteries and we were explaining to people about Family History. We had a little video and everything but it basically turned into an activity of contacting. It was really good and we found a lot of referencies, so we will be busy contacting this week. It was a long day because we were out there in the sun basically the whole day and I was dead tired. In the weekend that passed, all the people here go to the cementaies to put flowers and visit their passed loved ones, so It was a great chance to talk to them about a way they can know about their past ancestors. The goal is to get them to come to the activity at the temple in December so they can learn about the Temple work that can be done for them. 

Other than that, the week was pretty normal! I have had a pretty cool experiences really focusing on my prayers and communicating with God. I have learned the importance of the prayers and talking with your heart open and not just saying the words. Thats the way that God can respond to you and guide your prayers. My nightly prayers have become something I look forward to at the end of the night so that I can express all my concerns and doubts. I have really felt His Presence in these times and is something I will forever cherish. Anyways this is the last week of the changes already! It has flown by so fast. It is very likely that i will stay here with my companion in this next change since it is the last of his, but ill keep you guys tuned.

For those of you who are regulars here if there are any, you will know of my constant struggles with the infamous Bat that haunts me. I thought i had him defeated. I woke up in the night with my companion to the noise of something hitting the walls. When we turned on the lights we saw the bat going crazy and hitting everything. We got it out of the house, and in the morning i woke up to the surprise of seeing it dead on our floor. Who knows what happened... but anyways after bravely prodding it with a 10 foot rod we were in a rush so left and were going to take it out of the house when we returned. When we came back that night, to my haunting surprise, it wasnt there, and we found no trace of it. I don't live with a Bat, but its actually a Vampire. Happy Halloween.

Love you all and wish you the best! Till Monday!

Elder Nelson

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