Monday, September 28, 2015


Wow i feel like this week flew by, but it was packed with so much awesome stuff. First off it sounds like you had a good time at Lake Powell! Lots of fishing and boarding and no worries. Sounds like the life. I'm glad you guys are home safe and life moves on as normal. And Mom I'm excited to hear about your Christmas activity! I'm sure it will all work out great and I wish I could be there to enjoy it. Just have to start the traditions so I can enjoy it when I get back! I cant believe we are already going into October... Christmas will be here before we know it. Also.. I heard about Elder  Richard G Scott! They announced it and I was so shocked! That's now three that have gone on my mission, all my childhood apostles as I like to call them. It will be very interesting to see what happens this General Conference.

Anyways..... word on the street.... I have Changes!! I got the call last night that I have to pack my bags. Wednesday i will go to San Salvador and there they will tell me where i am going and my companion and all that fun stuff. I am kind of sad to be leaving my investigadores and the ward in this area and tomorrow I will go to say goodbye to all them. As is part of the mission, I look forward to the next area I will be called to serve. So, this next time you hear from me I will no longer be here in Oriental 2. Also this week we went to the temple! This past Thursday and it was probably one of the most spiritual trips i have had at the temple yet. When I entered, i felt such a peace that can be only felt in such a place. I remember i sat down in the temple, prayed as I waited for the session. I felt Gods presence and love in such abundance that I couldn't help but lean to my comp and whisper, Hey man, I hope you know how much I know that this church is true. (but in spanish of course). I testify that the temple is the greatest place on Earth and if you looking for an answer or just want to feel the Love of Christ, go there. 

Anyways I had a really hard but awesome experience last night that i wanted to share. Before my mission, I thought that being a missionary it would be easy to keep all the commandments and be good because you are serving on such a spiritual high. I learned quickly that if anything, there are more temptaacions as you go out to do this sacred work. On Sunday, usually a member of the obispado feeds us dinner. Last night we got a call, and he wanted us to meet him at a nearby restaurant where he would buy us food. Immediately a bunch of bells went of as I knew this would break the Sabbath Day, but the bishopric was inviting us! The other missionaries that would be fed too all started to say how we didn't really have a choice and we weren't the ones buying it so it was okay, but i knew it was wrong. As we started walking I prayed with all my heart for the courage and guidance to do something. I stopped the group and said I couldn't go. I called the member and thanked him for everything he does for us, but told him we couldn't go there because we would be breaking the commandments. He was obviously really bothered and begged us to come. It got to the point where he was mad because he had reservations already. I did my best to excuse myself and told him we just couldn't. It was really hard to make this decision, but it is better to keep the commandments, even if it means offending or hurting someones feelings. I'll never regret my decision, and I am thankful God gave me the courage to stand strong. I know if we are willing to serve the Lord, like Nefi he will always give us a way.

Thank you for everything you guys do for me! I miss you guys a ton but love the work.Thank you to all the family, I received a bunch of letter from you guys in the Canada trip and it was awesome to hear from you guys and know I have your support. Best of luck this week!

Elder Nelson


  1. Thank you for your strong testimony of the temple! And I am proud of you for having the courage to stand up for what is right. Much love, ain't Lori

  2. Thank you for your strong testimony of the temple! And I am proud of you for having the courage to stand up for what is right. Much love, ain't Lori