Monday, September 21, 2015

Helloo Everyone!

Hey guys! How is Lake Powell going?! I am so jealous you guys are there. I hope that you guys have such a great time. Make sure you let me know how much fun you guys have but dont let me know too much. SO this week was a pretty good one. Honeslty I have had trouble finding new people to teach in the area. My area isnt very big but I am coming up on 6 months here, so I feel like I have talked to everyone. I swear every drunk person in the street is almost my best friend and they always want to talk to me. I am so popular. Anyways we have had to use different ways to find people and its been pretty fun. When you do almost the same thing everyday you have to find creative ways to change things up. 

This week I have also learned a lot of things on the doctrine. I absolutely love learning and finding new things to study, and I have learned so much. Just when I think I have gotten the hang of things doctrine wise I think of something in a new way or learn something new that blows my mind. My testimony has really been strengthened by the chance we have to constantly study. SO this week we had a day that was actually pretty terrible. We walked and talked with so many people but nobody wanted to let us in and share. It was rainy and I was tired of walking in the rain and getting rejected all the time. At the end of the day we didnt have good numbers, and I felt like I should read of the pioneers before I went to bed. I almost couldnt put it down as I read about trial after trial that people went through and persevered through it. I was so humbled and quickly repented because I had been complaining about walking in a little rain and talking to people when they were walking and dying but many never wavered their faith and hope. I am so happy for what my ancestors did.

Anyways thats what i got for this week. Mom, i havent gotten your package yet but it is probably here and Ill recieve it at changes. If you are looking for things to send me... you can never have too many cool ties. I am so happy to be serving a mission and we have many days that are so awesome. We have families that are progressing a lot and i really love teaching them. I know this Church is true. Love you all!

Elder Nelson

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