Monday, August 17, 2015

Cambios, Giant Lizards, Volcanos, and Bautismales

Hello Everyone! Its always such a blessing to hear from everyone on Mondays and I am glad everyone is doing so awesome. Loved hearing about Grandmas Surprise part. sounds like everything went great and the book was a big hit! Wish I could have been there to enjoy it with you guys. But just as it goes down here it was a pretty eventful week.

TO start the volcano was was going off! Its an active volcano that i live at the base of down here and a lot of days it is smoking pretty visible which is cool. But on Friday we were walking to lunch and my companion pointed out that the smoke seemed to have a red tint to it... Hmmm.. thats odd. Later we received  a call from the Zls and they told us to confine ourselves in the house, because apparently lava was spilling out of one of the sides and they were worried of an eruption. After about 4 hours we were cleared to leave but we had to carry 72 hour prepped bags and had to buy masks in case of an eruption. later it settled down the next day.. But how cool is that. Also last week we went with some crazy farmer type people that may be the coolest people i have ever met. They took us to this river and they were hunting these giant lizards and iguanas. THey would shoot them out of trees like 50 feet away with a sling shot and rocks! They let us try and it was very hard but a lot of fun... And i have a picture of my attempting to eat one. Fun times. 

Anyways  this week we had two of our bautismales. one of them Jose has such a strong testimony and has a desire to serve a mission. He also wants to baptize his whole family and got all 5 of them to come to church this weekend! it was very cool to see them all there and we feel like they have a very good chance of progressing. The other bautismal, Flor, went through and we were very excited that she finally made the step. The Other two baptisms we hope to have the first week in September. 

Also today is the first day of the new changes! Annndddddd...... I am staying here in the same area. Yay! I am actually happy to be working here we have a lot of good things going here and after this change i will have almost 6 months in the area. I will be here with Elder Burgos! I will continue as his trainer, which i love to do and am honored to do it, and Elder Perdomo will leave to a different area. Looking forward a lot to these Next couple weeks. I have been so blessed to see the impact this Gospel can have on the lives of people. This includes the investigadores, other missionaries, and my own. One of the missionaries I have been with my whole mission, Elder Coc leaves tomorrow to go home. Its sad to see him go, he has taught me so much. I have also looked at how much I have grown, and i cant even comprehend it. I am so grateful for this Gospel. I invite everyone everywhere to find that happiness that can only be found in the Gospel. It is literally life changing once you become truly converted to the teachings of this gospel. I love you all thanks for everything!

Ps. We have set rat traps around the house, but unfortunately Mr rat took the cheese but didnt spring trap. Stay tuned...

Elder Nelson

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  1. Wow that is a big lizard!! How wonderful to have the baptisms! They all look so happy! Good work Elder Nelson!