Monday, August 24, 2015

Another busy week

Hey everyone! Great to hear from you all! I cant believe you guys are in Canada already. that's so crazy. I always wanted to go there. Sounds like a lot of fun. make sure you take pictures and save some stories for me. It must be nice to be with the whole family. And coming up with another Lake Powell trip! ive been itching lately to go snowboarding and wakeboarding again so its awesome that you guys get to go. I hope Tyler finally lands that backflip.
SO this week has been a very busy one! For starters, this upcoming friday Elder Nelson (the much more important one from the quorum of the twelve) is coming to El Salvador! Right now he is in Honduras i believe, but we will have a giant meeting with him and all three missions here in El Salvador. Also there is a rumor he will be here here for the Stake conference we have here in San Miguel! It will be really cool and  great experience to bring invistagadores to. I am looking forward to it a lot. So Like i said last week I am now training Elder Burgos. It is a great experience. I had little mental breakdown this Thursday. I woke up and realized that not only was I training someone, I now have the most time in the ward I am in out of all the four missionaries, and the most time in the mission out of us four. I was super stressed and thing after thing was being put on my back on top of all the work we already had to do in the area. I remember just having to stop, went into the room, knelt down and prayed my heart out. i poured out all my feelings and troubles and doubts that were overwhelming me to the Lord. After doing this I got up, and had the unmistakable feeling that My heavenly Father was listening to me. He heard me and was telling me he would be right there with me every step of the way. it was what I needed, and we went to work. My companion is kind of shy to talk to people in the street, so i have found that my spanish skills have been pushed to the limit as I have gotten in the habit of just sharing the gospel with everyone and trusting the Lord will put the words i need in my mouth. Man, he has fulfilled that promise. I know that God hears and answers our prayers. Although at times its hard, he will always be with us in our trials, and he helped me every step of the way. Despite all this, we were about to bring nearly 11 investigators to church Sunday and about 4 new really positive baptismal dates. I am so grateful for these blessings.
Other than that, these days are pretty normal! I am getting used to the responsibilities of being comp. mayor and have learned to trust in the Lord more than anything. Thank you everyone for the love and prayers!
Elder Nelson

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