Monday, July 20, 2015

Buenas Días!

Buenas Días! Glad to hear from everyone this morning. I am very happy to hear everyone back home is doing great and is being healthy and all that good stuff. I am very happy always to have the love and support of my family and friends back home. I want everybody to know i dont take that for granted. I already know many Elders who get little or no support from back home, and I can see how difficult it can be for them at times. But it strengthens my testimony to see these Elders work more hard than all the rest because they know their purpose. As a missionary you are called to the service and have to sacrifice a lot.. and some missionaries understand this principle. I strive to understand it better every day. 

This week has been a good one! Me and Elder Perdomo worked hard, and we are starting to see the results. Right now we have many investigators who are progresando. One of them is Flor, who is a girl with the age of about 18 and lives with less actives. We have recently gotten her to start coming to church and other activities and right now she is planning on getting baptized the first week of Agosto. We are praying everyday she keeps strong and keeps having the desire to make this wonderful decision. Also, we got a call from Pablo, un old investigator. He has a desire to quit drinking now and to marry Ercelia so right now we are praying for them everyday and giving him the support he needs to get over this addiction and get baptized. There is a lot to work to do but we are hopeful they will get baptized by the end of this change.

Life here is good. The showers are still cold, the days sweaty and hot. Good old El Salvador. Today we are going out to La Union, the hottest place in central america but also one of the most beautiful. Ill try to send pictures next week. But besides the occasional getting attacked by drunk people and bats flying into your bathroom while you are in there (never felt more helpless in my life than in that moment) and occasional sudden rain storm that gets you drenched, all is well. Love the experiences and the country. Als I encourage all of you if you havent seen "Meet the Mormons"... GO SEE IT! We as missionaries have been able to use it and it brings a spirit and knowledge of who we are as people that is really affective. Love you all! Especially you mom! Couldn't be more grateful for all you have done for me.

Elder Nelson

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