Monday, June 8, 2015

Three Months + Crazy scary bridge!

Hello all! It´s always really nice to have the oppurtunity to write home and also hear from life back in the States. Its weird to think that it is June there, summer time a year ago I was enjoying the life free from high school and I remember those times like it was yesterday. It really is amazing all the things that have come to pass in the time since then, and even more remarkable is how much my testimony has grown in the time. Looking back I question if I ever really even had one when i left, because compared to now I wouldnt be able to even recognize it. This week I passed three months since I was sitting in the airport in LA waiting to fly out to Guatemala. I distinctly remember thinking as my midnight flight took off in a plane full of people that spoke almost no English, "I am never gonna see America again". While occasionally I still have that thought in my head, I love the work, and dont want to leave anytime soon. There is so much work to be done. When the math is taken out there really is no time to waste, and every minute of the day is valuable time of the Lord that can not be afforded to be wasted. I am so very thankful for every aspect of this Gospel, and even more so the knowledge of eternal families, which is a knowledge more precious that anything else to me.

So this week was actually an interesting one. First off, this week welcomed in the good ol' rainy season of central America El Salvador. Almost everyday there has been drizzling contstatly, sudden crazy downpours, and some of the most amazing and intense thunderstorms I have ever seen. i love it even when I am out working and soaked through all layers of clothing. This week was actually slightly a long one. God knows of my lack of patience at times especially with myself and the progress of our work (wonderful traits I attribute to my beloved Mother) and so this week that patience has been tried. I will admit although I love the work and every aspect of it, there are times I feel so very inadequate and other times to the point I want to test the hardness of the concrete floor with the body of my companion.... but its amazing to learn how to draw upon the atonement in every aspect of my life. There are times that I have had to plea with everything i have to have the patience and longsuffering to deal with trials that come from being a missionary. This week we are making progress with our investigators, but no where near where i personally want to be. We have two people that really want to get baptized and have been coming to Church pretty well but we just have to wait for a few papers to come through for Nicaragua before they can get married. Annnddd there has been days where we walk for hours and hours in the hot humid muddy streets for hours without finding anybody in their house to teach. Those have been some of the most testimony building experiences.

ALSO, this last saturday i got to go on divisions with Elder Kauvaca, one of ZL's. It was awesome, and I learned so very much. Elder Kauvaca is a big polynesian Elder that is from Utah and he is a great missionary. One of the coolest things was that he was telling me about his first almost 8 months of his mission and it was almost like he was reading from a script of my life. It was such a comfort to my soul.  That was a huge answer to my prayers. I am very grateful for every trial I have, because when you stop and look at things you realize every trial is just one of the biggest blessings in your life waiting to be realized.

Well, thats all I have time in the moment to sum up the week. I know this Church is true, and all the answers, doubts, questions we seek in like can be answered through prayer and study of the Book of Mormon. It sounds as if all is great and fun back home, which is so very awesome to hear. 

One last thing i got another big grouping of letters, which was AWESOME. Thank you all that send them. I do read them and they uplift me like no other. I know there are a lot that havent come yet, because I have some that got sent 3 weeks ago and some that were sent to me when I was in Guatemala. But they usually all come, I just have to wait! Love You all and thank you!

P.S. here are some pictures of the adventure I have of crossing a super sketchy bridge in my area every week! Love it here. 

P.S.S: I love you Mommy! You're such as awesome influence in my life and I am so very grateful for everything!

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