Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Change in Paradise + Pictures

Hello Family and Friends!

First of all for my letter this week, I want to take a moment and talk out Elder L. Tom Perry. Yesterday in church one of the members came up to us and told us he had passed away, and this was actually very sad. I thought about how for my whole life I had seen Elder Perry give talks and be an apostle of the Lord and I was more sad than I thought I would be. i said a quick prayer in my heart and got such a confirmation of the Plan of Salvation. I know that after this life is a glorious beginning, and death is not somethiing to ever be sad about with the knowledge that we possess. I am so thankful for the testimony of Elder Perry and my prayers go out to his family. 

Anyways, changes were this week but I am still here in San Miguel with Elder Acosta. It was actually a little anti-climatic because almost nobody despite about 2 people in our zone got changed. It was a little hard at first knowing I had another 6 weeks here with certain people, but I know the Lord has so much to teach me froom these people and this area. Mom, you wrote me that Faith and Belief is more of an action. This is something i have such a testimony of. When we have Faith in something, true Faith compels us to do an action. I have Faith that i am here with my companion in the area for a reason, so I decided to be as obedient and work as hard as possible to find that out. This is how i chose to show my Faith. Anyways with our last change, we did not have barely any success. It was really hard, because i demand a lot of myself and i think I was being taught humility. With this change, me and Elder Acosta decided to start nuevamente with our area, like we were just opening it. We dropped all our investigators that werent progressing (almost all of them) and got to work. It was slow at first, really hard. But we were obedient and we are starting to be blessed. Just yesterday we had 3 old investigators come to us expressing  their desire to be baptized and come to church. Also another family, Family Gonzalez, told us that three in that family have a desire to be baptized in the upcoming month. When you do what you should, Heavenly Father will bless you. 

Also! I got a cool new Camo backpack.... yes even here in El Salvador i think i am a redneck. And proud of it. Although i have had a few comments about with my build, buzz cut hair, and camo backpack I look like a military insurgent... should probably watch that. Anyways i have gotten a lot of questions about my sickness. I am perfectly fine now, took the medicine that was needed. We werent careful enough with what we were eating and we got a lesson in obedience. Really we just shouldnt eat or drink anything that we havent prepared ourself to aviod it. Im learning.

Well anyways its going good here. Im coming up here on three months which at times im like "WOW. Already three months!" and other times "Yeah... i may never leave". But thats all mindset, when you lose yourself in the work to be honest sometimes I dont ever want to leave. This whole week we have had to enter in our houses at 7ish because its dangerous, mostly problems with the gangs. Yeah we see a lot of gang memebers and stuff even though this place isnt the worst and we have to be careful. to be honest they have a lot of respect for us as missionaries of Jesus Christ and most of them leave us alone and others want to be friends with the gringis which can be scary. But we are always protected. Love You all and Happy June!

Elder Nelson

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