Monday, May 25, 2015

Early Morning Greetings!

Hello everyone! We got up a little early today because we had to be at the stake center to write at 6:30. This week has been quite interesting. So this is the last full week of the change, changes are THIS Wednesday I don't think I said that very clearly in the last email. The first half of the week was really pretty normal. To be honest I don't even remember much of anything that happened. Some of the neighboring areas in San Miguel got shut down so there are only actually 4 missionaries in my district. We went and did service a couple mornings this week to go paint at a members house. I actually forgot my camera this morning so i apologize for no pictures this week... I promise next week! But anyways come thursday the fun started. During our weekly planning session I started to not feel so great but tried to tough it out. A couple hours in I started to get really achy all over my body and felt terrible. I went to our tienda friends across the street to get some water and I really didnt have an appetite. My body felt burning hot to the touch but I had the chills. The lady there said I had all the symptoms of chikungunya whichhhhh would not be fun to have. I came home and crawled in bed and the fun started. The pain an acheyness was so intense I couldn't stand and laid in my bed with my whole body twitching in pain and a headache I cant even describe how bad. I at times actually felt like I might die. Then I had to crawl into a taxi and take a painful ride down to the hospital to do a bunch of tests (yes they drew my blood and yes I almost cried and yes the nurse gave me a lollipop at the end) and found out that I actually had a parasite! Yay! SO I went home and laid in my bed all day and night without sleeping and in pain. But after 24 hours most of the bad symptoms passed and I got medicine and now im happy and excited :) But really (mom) I am okay it was a long day but that's what happens when the food here really isnt sanitary, and now I feel more than ever like i really belong in this country. My first parasite... quite a landmark if you ask me. Anyways other than that not a lot happened because this weekend is actually one of the the most dangerous of the year for this country. We had a o'clock curfew we had to be in our houses because of the gang violence but we still had success, although we didnt have a lot come to church especially those that said they would so it was a little tough. But its a new Week! Anyways that's my week... Its been one for the books! Hope everything is going awesome back home! I cant believe its memorial day weekend and that high school graduation is in a couple days! That means I graduated High School a year ago! Dang im old. But I have had so many great experiences here in my mission already i wouldn't trade them for anything. Literally in everything-- pain, tear, blood, joy, excitement, I see the blessings of the Gospel. God touches every aspect of our life and blesses us so tremendously that if we sit back and watch and look for it it will humble you beyond belief. I also have such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. All the answers you need for anything in life can be found when reading and pondering that book. It is the keystone to the Gospel and also to my testimony. Love and Miss you all!

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