Monday, May 18, 2015

Another Week!

How goes it Friends and Family?! So this week has been pretty good. In central America they have what is called the week of the family, and every day in the capilla they have had lessons and mini FHE things central in the family. It has been a great experience and we were able to get a few investigators to come to them which has really helped them become familiar with the capilla. Still one of our biggest struggles is getting investigators to come to Church. The capilla isnt in our area and many people dont want to travel very far because they have to walk and it can be dangerous at times. Plus here every other house is basically a church too so it is hard for them to understand at times why they should come to our church and not just any of the other 50 billion churches in the neighborhood. Oh yeah so this is the last full week of the change here, I cant believe i am almost done with two of the changes in the mission and one in the field. I still feel so new here but things are starting to come along. Honestly, this week was a little rough at times. We lost some investigators and a lot of our positive ones aren't progressing very much. It can be frustrating at times, but the key is to always be happy. Sometimes in life and especially on the mission no matter how bad things are going you cant get down on yourself. If you are feeling down, force a smile on your face and carry a constant prayer in your heart and the Lord will bless you with strength and happiness and the desire to work and serve. At times this is what carries me through the hard times and I am so happy for the constant companion of the Spirit. No matter what we can always pray to the Lord for guidance and strength and he will always hear our prayers. OH YEAH I finally got a bunch of letters and packages!. I want to thank everyone who sent me a letter, I was honestly so happy to be receiving them and its nice and uplifting to always have letters from friends and families that you dont have to rush to read in an hour. Sometimes at nights before I sleep I will just read them over and give thanks for such an awesome family. I received a lot of letters from family and it was really nice to hear from everybody. Also I received a package from my mom of Starburst jellybeans (because it just wasn't Easter without them) as well as chocolate dipped bunnies that actually survived the trip to El Salvador pretty well. Thank you all! Here I have started to really get to know the ward. There are some amazing families and I have been able to befriend a lot of the youth in the ward. I really do love the people here there testimonies are amazing. Its cool to see how in different parts of the world with completely different circumstances and trials, The Gospel can uplift and inspire all those seek it out. I still think about home nearly everyday, but I am not as homesick as I used to be. Random things will remind me of home, but I always try to put them aside and focus on the work and I have been blessed for that. Oh yeah, I have more experiences already than I can count of people doing strange things to me here. A lot of times for example I will be walking in the street and random people will get inches from my face and just stare at my blue eyes because they are such a rarity here. Other people who are not so accustomed to white people will simply just come up to me and poke me as if to see if I was actually a real person and then walk away without saying anything... But it makes things fun and interesting here. The mission is an experience like no other.Those of you that have a desire to serve are called to the work. I know this Church is true with all my heart and this work is the greatest work to be done on the Earth. At times, it can also be the hardest. But with the Lord on your side, you are always on the winning side. Bye and Love you all!

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