Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015 + Pictures!!

Hello all! As I'm sure everyone knows yesterday was dia de los madras and we as  missionaries had the opportunity to skype back home to our families and most importantly mothers. That was quite the experience for me. I am so grateful for technology and it was honestly a miracle to be able to see my family all there both new and old. The emotions
flowed heavily even though i tried my best to hold them back. I was so happy to see my mom and saying goodbye was hard knowing it would be Christmas before i could talk to them again. But it was nice to be able to talk about my life here more in depth. There are some things that being caught up in the moment i forgot to say but I guess some things I will just have to wait till i get home to share. This week we got to go to San Salvador, the capital, twice. Tuesday we got to go to the temple. This was such an amazing experience for me for this reason. Sitting in the temple, I felt almost guilty with all the things i was pleading to the lord to help me with. Things personal, spiritual, with other people, everything. After leaving the temple I went and got lunch with some other missionaries and the thought came to me that i belong here. This is without a doubt where I need to be and the Lord confirmed that to me. I knew that through all the trials and indescribable joy i have passed through and that I am yet to pass through is because this is right where I need to be for this reason. It was such as answer to prayer and I will remember it for a very long time. Also the next day we woke up at three in the morning again to take a 3-4 hour bus ride to the capitol for a meeting with President and all the new missionaries. It was super cool to see a lot of the missionaries that i came in with and to see how much we have grown already. Other than that, we worked. We walk a lot and by the end of each day i collapse exhausted, many times falling asleep during my nightly prayers. Three keys to a successful missionary.... work, work, work. We have a few really promising investigators and a lot with baptismal dates but the hardest thing is getting them to come to Church. the Capilla is not in our area and a lot of members don't like to leave the area around there house because it can be dangerous at times with the gangs. So that is what we are really working hard on, getting people to come to church. We get up in the morning  Sundays early and walk all over trying to get people up and to Church and most of the time we have little success. But I love the work. I have seen so many people make amazing sacrifices to take part of the blessing of the Gospel and its quite a blessing to me to see it. I only have about two and a half weeks until the next change and there is a chance that I might get a new Latino trainer but we will see what happens. Anyway it was really good to see and hear from everyone from back home. At times you forget that life goes on back home because you are so involved in the work here and nothing else. But that's how it should be. Jessie gave me a folleto of letters before i left and one of the things in there said everything that is important or that Heavenly Father wants for me will be there when I get back. This is a huge comfort to me knowing that as I dedicate two years to the Lord with everything I have, he will make sure I have everything I need in my life to come. That is a blessing of the Gospel. When we do all we can to serve the kingdom of God first, all things will be added on. Anyways that's all I have now since I was able to talk yesterday to you guys. Love and miss you all!

So here are a few pictures. That's me and Elder Acosta as well as Elder Navarro from Mexico that I came in with and Elder Vignerro from the DR. They are all super awesome Elders. Most people in my district know me for my love of my family and I'm the biggest mommas boy. I guess that is evident even here, and is one of the biggest compliments every one gives to me I don't shy away from it. The Latinos also love to tell me how different I am because I have a Bayern Munich jersey and they tell me I look exactly like a German soccer player. We play futbol a lot here and I'm actually not too bad. I love playing especially with the Latinos we have a lot of really good ones. Also there is a super awesome Elder here named Elder Hazelgreen. He just finished being AP and is about to go home next change. He is super nice to me and we are good friends and get this.... He went to Basha High School! He played soccer there and we love to give each other a hard time. Even El Salvador... people hate Hamilton. Oh well.. Until next week!

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